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    JP2000-09 Ultra-thin monitor


    It is used for adult,children,used in ICU,operation rooms,emergency rooms and so on ,main monitoring parameters include patient's ECG、heart rate,respiration,non-invasive blood pressure,oxygen saturation ,pulse rate,body temperature of six parameters.

  • Features
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  • 1、Measurement of features:intelligent automatic recognition of adult to neonatal blood pressure,blood pressure waveform rel-time display.


    2、Trends:96 hours of heart rate,blood pressure,oxygen,temperature,ST,beats,respiratory parameters trend graph.


    3、Warning :visual alarm and voice alarm and report function.


    4、The human voice and speech sound alarm function,to solve the limitations of visual surveillance.


    5、At low power:15KW ultra low power,no fan,no noise,safe and reliable performance of enviromental protection and energy saving .


    6、Random attachments and electronic manual,to provide a convenient and fast random access and accessies store for medical staff,mobile conventience of use of the product.


    7、Remove the rechargeable battery ,continued to work more then 3 hours.


    Display Size
    14.1" TFT color LCD screen
    Waveform display
    8 waveform display ECG,respiration,blood pressure,oxygen wave,etc
    Measurement Method
    manual/automatic timing measurement
    More then 3 hours
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